The 3 Best food processors 2018

A food processor is a device which is irreplaceable among kitchen appliances. It can cut, chop, whisk, grate and even need.

These kitchen appliances have become popular with homemakers because of the wide variety of their compact size and options they supply. A food processor will do the most difficult food so you can save a whole lot of time.

Have a loоk bеlоw tо sее оur соmрrеhensive analysis of each product and find the ideal chip for you, whether you want the absolute best of the best for all of your culinary needs or if you’re looking for a great budget pick that performs well and will not slice and dice your budget. Have a look Best food processors that are best 2018

Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro

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Taking home the maximum score of the group and undeniably earning the title of Best Overall, the Sous Chef 16 Pro netted an Editors’ Choice award for its phenomenal showing. This exceptional product set up the score in the bulk of our tests, all while being hassle-free when it comes to cleaning. It chops onions making a mixture that wasn’t mushy, mixed up some pizza dough that is perfect, and reduced a large chunk of cheddar cheese with ease and precision. Unfortunately, all of the amazing performance comes making the Breville a hard choice if you’re buying budget. However, if you want the absolute best of the best, the Breville is the obvious option.


Cuisinart Custom 14

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Searching for a top-notch food processor? The Custom 14 by Cuisinart nabbed the runner-up place in our review, only bested by the Sous Chef 16. While the Custom 14’s performance was just a tiny bit less impressive than the Breville’s, but it costs about half as much, earning it our Best Buy award. This fantastic product delivered a performance creating perfectly pureed hummus, uniformly shredded cheese vegetable pieces, and food that was equally chopped. For those that want a great kitchen appliance without spending a bunch of money, look no further than the Custom 14. However, the blades are not adjustable, meaning that you can incur price as you purchase additional blades for different slice thickness, but this does allow you to cover the dimensions you want, rather than buying them all up front.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup

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Can’t stomach the purchase price of the Cuisinart Custom 14 but need a food processor? While the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup is not one of the top models by any means, this appliance sells for a fraction of the price of our award winners and is the best option for those on the thinnest of budgets. This machine delivered a showing across our test metrics differentiating itself by pureeing the best hummus of the group. It chopped food and chopped fruits and veggies. This model leaked when filled with liquid, leaking everywhere shaking violently with mixing the dough, when tasked and when filled to the maximum fill line. It is the best option allowing you a decent performance on a shoestring budget while it does have the temptation.

Best Food Processors Review
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